A man who was injured when a lifeguard truck ran over him while he was sunbathing on Santa Monica beach in 2005 will receive $600,000 in a lawsuit settlement with Los Angeles County.

The County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday, April 17th, to settle the lawsuit filed by Jesse Pace, who was 19 when the incident occurred June 28th, 2005.

Pace initially sued the county for $3.2 million after he was struck, while sunbathing, by a Ford F-150 truck driven by a lifeguard on Santa Monica beach, according to county counsel.

Pace, who was a junior pre-medicine student at the time, was lying on the sand near Tower 25 when the right side of the lifeguard truck ran over his left shoulder, chest and abdomen, according to county counsel.

The lifeguard drove 20 to 30 feet before she felt a bump and stopped. She testified that she did not see Pace lying on the sand before she turned, the county memo said.

Pace was treated at the UCLA Medical Center, where doctors removed his spleen and he was hospitalized for seven days.

Due to the injury to his left shoulder, Pace experienced restricted use of his left arm and shoulder for an extended period, county counsel said.

Pace also testified that he has an increased risk of infections due to the loss of his spleen, which has caused him anxiety about his future in the medical profession, the memo said.

County attorneys said the county could have faced $1.1 million in potential damages if the case proceeded to trial.

County attorneys recommended that the supervisors settle the lawsuit for $600,000 based on the liability exposure, Paceís confirmed damages for medical care and the potential impact on his career plans due to an increased risk of infection with the loss of his spleen.