Rossoblu co-owner Dina Samson is also a co-founder of RE:Her.

RE:Her announces COVID-19 relief grant program

By Kamala Kirk

Back in January, nonprofit organization RE:Her hosted a 10-day RE:Her festival that featured collaborations, thematic menus and conversations between female restaurant industry leaders. Following the successful initiative, RE:Her recently announced a COVID-19 relief grant program to support women-owned restaurants in Los Angeles.

The program is sponsored by DoorDash and RE:Her will distribute 15 $10,000 cash grants to female food and beverage entrepreneurs in LA County. Recipients can use the grants to bolster their businesses however they see fit, and they will also receive access to consulting and mentorship from specialists in restaurant finance, HR and PR/marketing.

DoorDash, whose donation has enabled RE:Her’s COVID-19 grant program, launched Made by Women during Women’s History Month. Made by Women is an in-app and digital platform that elevates women-owned businesses by making it easier to identify them by searching “women owned” in the DoorDash app and website.

They also launched various fundraising and loan-matching campaigns to benefit female entrepreneurs, including donations to the James Beard Foundation’s Leadership Programs. DoorDash is committed to supporting women-owned businesses and will continue to use its platform to drive meaningful change.

“Over the last four months, RE:Her has grown into a platform for connection for 250+ women to share resources, information and support, and we want to continue to champion and empower our community with these grants,” said Lien Ta, a founding member of RE:Her. “The grant program has been a core element of our organization from day one, and we are excited to roll this out to give our members a leg up as they rebound from the most challenging time in the history of our industry.”

RE:Her is devoted to the advancement and empowerment of female restaurateurs and supports members through industry-focused and consumer-facing initiatives, virtual and physical events, in addition to promotion and representation. It launched earlier this year with the mission to provide opportunities, as well as financial and educational resources, to female business owners.

Applications for the grant program will be accepted from May 17 to 23. Grant recipients will be announced on June 14. Independent, majority women-owned restaurants and culinary businesses in LA Country, including catering companies and food trucks, are encouraged to apply.

“The initiatives DoorDash has implemented over the last year to support women-owned businesses align with the RE:Her mission, and the partnership we have formed will bolster the RE:Her community beyond just grands – including marketing and educational resources for members,” added Heather Sperling, a founding member of RE:Her. “Third-party delivery can be both a lifeline and a challenge for restaurants, but we are excited to partner with one of the key players in this space to funnel resources back into businesses as they rebuild in the coming months.”

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