Children’s Hospital Los Angeles launches 6th annual Make March Matter Fundraising Campaign

By Kamala Kirk

Recently, actress and advocate Jamie Lee Curtis kicked off Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ 6th Annual Make March Matter Campaign.

At the beginning of March, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) launched its sixth annual Make March Matter campaign.

Actress, advocate and Santa Monica resident Jamie Lee Curtis, who is a longtime supporter of CHLA, helped kick off the month-long campaign, which brings together local businesses and the community to raise funds for the hospital to ensure that patients can receive the critical, lifesaving care they need.

Now in its sixth year, Make March Matter has over 92 participating partners across fashion, fitness, culinary and lifestyle brands. To date, it has raised more than $8 million since it first launched in 2016.

“We are grateful to the businesses who are partnering with us this year in support of our commitment to improve the health of all children,” said Paul S. Viviano, CHLA president and CEO. “The impact of the pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, but one thing that has not wavered is the world-class care we provide to our precious young pediatric patients.”

Each year, CHLA treats children that face a range of health issues. The hospital is also dedicated to innovation, supporting advances in research designed to improve pediatric health outcomes, and partnering with physicians across the nation to bring the best care to children in LA.

At the kick-off, Curtis spoke about her special connection to CHLA and joined 3-year-old Maverick, a young patient who serves as the face of the 6th Annual Make March Matter campaign.

After being diagnosed with end-stage renal disease, Maverick was sent to CHLA, where months before his first birthday, doctors determined he needed a kidney transplant. Ultimately, his mother ended up being the perfect match, and Maverick’s diseased kidney was replaced with hers, which saved his life.

“If any of you have ever had your life touched by a sick child, whether it be personally or a neighbor, friend or relative, you know how powerless you feel and how you would do anything to help that child,” Curtis said. “That is what the people at CHLA do every single day. They help children who are ill, to bring them back into a state of health and happiness, and that is why I support them. We Make March matter together, we raise money together, to help these people that do it.”

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