What do you get when you mix 20 women with 20 surfboards on a sunny Sunday at Santa Monica State Beach?

Lots of laughter, a couple good rides and a few gnarly wipe outs.

Rebecca Heller, a Santa Monica resident and author of Surf Like a Girl, and Perfect Day Surf School hosted a women only learn-to-surf day Sunday, July 24th, at Santa Monica State Beach, just north of the California Incline.

Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s came from all parts of the Los Angeles area to participate in a sport they had always dreamed of trying, Heller said.

Most of those in attendance had never stepped foot on a surfboard before, but all got some hang time that day, Heller said.

Wetsuits and foam longboards were handed out to the women when they arrived at 9 a.m.

After a safety lesson and some practice on the beach, the women headed out to conquer the ocean.

Instructors pushed women into the waves, gave advice on when to pop-up (going from lying to standing on the board), and answered questions about getting past the whitewater.

The two and a half hour session ended with the women getting cookies, T-shirts and Surf Life for Women magazines.

The next women only surf day will take place Saturday, August 20th, at Santa Monica State Beach and will include a pre-surf warm up with Peggy Hall, creator of Yoga for Surfers. The cost is $60.