Photographer Helen K. Garber’s new show, entitled L.A. Noir, where she captures the “feeling, mood, and surreality” of nighttime in Venice and throughout Los Angeles, is scheduled to be shown at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 19th, at Seven Dudley Cinema a.k.a. Sponto Gallery, 7 Dudley Ave., Venice. Admission is free.

The presentation of Garber’s digital art works will be followed by an evening of film noir movie screenings hosted by poet Michael C. Ford.

“The big blanket of night softens the ugliness of the big city,” says Garber, explaining the concept of her exhibit. “The natural beauty ruined by three generations of cheap stucco housing and vast urban sprawl — even the street people are hidden away from view, curled up in the alleyways they call home. And home is where most of the people are.”

But Garber wasn’t home. She was out capturing the feeling of the desolate urban landscapes at night.

Images from Garber’s larger Urban Noir series are in the permanent collections of the Museum of the City of New York, the Brooklyn Museum and the International Museum of Film and Photography in New York.

Garber’s photo book, Venice Beach, California Carnevale was the official commemorative publication of last year’s Venice Centennial celebrations.

Information, (310) 306-7330.