Santa Monica College and the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District are seeking public input on how to make college campuses and public schools safer from natural hazards.

The college and the school district will draft a Disaster Mitigation Plan covering education facilities in Santa Monica and Malibu to comply with federal law.

Federal legislation was enacted in 2000 to require that all government agencies have a Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan to identify risks and determine the best way to minimize or manage those risks.

As part of their disaster plan, the college and the school district are asking the public to give their input by filling out a two-page survey.

The survey is available at

Surveys can be faxed to (707) 374-6089 or mailed to SMMUSD/SMC, P.O. Box 446, Rio Vista, CA 94571.

Information, (626) 286-8305.