Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus and Sustainable Works — a Santa Monica nonprofit organization that offers “greening” programs for businesses and community organizations — have teamed together to create an education program designed to show Santa Monica College students environmentally friendly practices.

The Big Blue Bus provides 800 free bus trips for students to visit sustainable sites throughout Santa Monica.

“We realize it’s important for students to see, touch and experience how a sustainable city works to ensure that future generations have the same resources available to them as we do today,” said Stephanie Negriff, Big Blue Bus director of transit services.

Destinations include:

– Santa Monica Urban Runoff Recycling Facility (SMURRF);

– “Green” buildings such as Colorado Court and the Natural Resources Defense Council headquarters;

– Patagonia, a sportswear store that sells organic cotton clothing;

– Peets Coffee & Tea Incorporated, a coffee shop company that sells “Fair Trade” coffee;

– Library Ale House, a microbrewery that won Sustainable Quality Awards from the City of Santa Monica; and

– Co-Opportunity, a natural food co-op store that sells less-toxic cleaners, recycled paper products and organic food.

Sustainable Works has been instructing Santa Monica College students since 1998.

Big Blue Bus has been partnering with Sustainable Works since 2001.

Information, (310) 451-5444 or (310) 458-8716.