A driver escaped uninjured when his SUV with a trailer attached slid into the water at the county public boat-launch ramp in Marina del Rey early Wednesday, September 22nd.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department field units responded to the launching ramp area, adjacent to the intersection of Admiralty Way and Fiji Way at about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, after receiving reports that a vehicle had slid into the water, Sheriff’s Department watch deputy Matt Schwabe said.

When county deputies arrived at the boat-launch ramp, they confirmed that no one was inside the SUV when it rolled into the water with a trailer attached, he said.

Several other boaters who were loading boats at the time of the incident, witnessed the male driver of the Ford Expedition attempting to load his heavy boat into the water by himself, he said.

The SUV driver told deputies that he had backed the vehicle down the launch ramp to put the boat into the water.

Because there was no one else to assist him when the boat became buoyant, the driver tied a rope to the front of the boat and wrapped the other end around his hand while he drove the vehicle, he said.

Once the boat hit the water and became buoyant, the driver wasn’t able to restrain the weight and the force pulled him out of the vehicle, knocking him to the ground, he said.

The vehicle then slammed into the dock and slid into the shallow water, which barely covered the SUV roof. The scene attracted media attention with Fox News helicopters, Schwabe said.

Rescue divers hooked the SUV up to a tow truck in order to pull the vehicle and trailer out of the water, which took about an hour, he said.