Plant-based soft serve shop Yoga-urt recently opened its third and newest location in Santa Monica. Courtesy of Yoga-urt

Yoga-urt brings plant-based soft serve to Santa Monica

By Kamala Kirk

Plant-based soft serve shop Yoga-urt launched a soft opening on October 9 followed by a grand opening celebration on October 16 for its third and newest location in Santa Monica. The new location is twice the size of its Echo Park store and will feature seven to 10 rotating flavors on tap for customers to choose from.

“Aside from being close to the ocean, I am really looking forward to simply being connected with the people that make up this beautiful community,” said Yoga-urt founder Melissa Schulman. “Something that I love about having Yoga-urt is that I get to meet so many new individuals every day.”

Yoga-urt was founded in 2015 by Schulman, who decided to take a sabbatical from her corporate position as a project manager and began a yoga teacher training to focus on her health and yoga. At the time, she fell in love with her practice and also learned that there weren’t many frozen yogurt alternatives that were plant based and carried the nutritional probiotic benefits of yogurt.

“I wanted to create a healthier soft serve that could be enjoyed with one’s community and tasted great,” Schulman said. “After doing a lot of research and seeking guidance, I found myself inspired to create a space that embodied the same peaceful vibe you get when you walk into a yoga studio, but served delicious and healthful soft serve.”

All of Yoga-urt’s soft serve is made in house and from scratch every day. All of their soft serve starts off with their hand squeezed almond and cashew milk base, and they use the freshest all-organic ingredients including four gut-essential probiotic strains. Some of their most popular rotating flavors include Chocolate Bliss, Peanut Butter Prana, Strawberry Serenity, naturally sweetened Sweet Greens, and Radiant Golden Rose, among others.

“We also happen to be the first soft serve shop in Los Angeles to serve all plant-based soft serve that is all organic and gut-friendly because of our added probiotics, plus the taste is delicious,” Schulman said. “The goal has always been to have many stores, but right now we are so excited to open our third store in Santa Monica and maybe one day go wholesale with our

1700 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica