Under a tentative settlement with the Coastal Law Enforcement Action Network (CLEAN), T-Mobile has agreed to relocate a proposed wireless utility pole further away from the Ballona Lagoon on the Marina Peninsula.

The wireless company had initially proposed to install the utility pole mounted wireless facility at the intersection of Jib and Pacific streets, adjacent to the Ballona Lagoon Marine Preserve, but concerns arose from residents and environmentalists about potential impacts on the lagoon and obstructing coastal views.

CLEAN worked with T-Mobile to relay the issues of concern and reached an agreement, under which T-Mobile has filed with the city of Los Angeles for the necessary permits for a new rooftop facility in the 4000 block of Pacific Avenue, said Marcia Hanscom, CLEAN’s managing director.

T-Mobile also has submitted an application for action by the California Coastal Commission on the Pacific Avenue site.

“We have been in very productive collaborative discussions with T-Mobile and are grateful to T-Mobile for their commitment to finding a solution respectful of both the environment and the community,” Hanscom said.

If the company is able to secure the necessary approvals and build the alternative site, T-Mobile has agreed to decommission the Jib/Pacific street cell site by removing the antennas and other electronic equipment, Hanscom noted.

“We are pleased to have achieved a substantial benefit for this part of the Los Angeles coast,which is a very important part of the overall Ballona Wetlands ecosystem,” explained Steve Hoye, enforcement officer for CLEAN on this case.

Hanscom added, “We also want to be sure to give huge credit to the Marina Peninsula Neighborhood Association and the Venice Neighborhood Council for their engagement and assistance with respect to the new location. The new location is further from the Ballona Lagoon and will not impede coastal views.”