In a departure from the conventional exhibitions of nature photographs or documentaries, comes a hypnotic display of images combined to create a quietly meditative viewing experience.

Breath of Light: Healing Images for the Soul, is a film-as-art experience designed for spiritual awareness and meditation by visual artists Antoine Bonsorte and Abram Zinberg, to be shown from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, December 8th, at Bonsorte Design Studio, 2410 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica.

In combination with the film, the artists are exhibiting several still photographs derived from the film. Devoid of sound, these images rely solely on the emotions invoked by the images — utilizing color, movement, shape and contour to heighten the visual experience.

The exhibition is the first step in bringing this new visual medium to the public.

“I never attempted this kind of work before because the quality of television was not good enough to look at art, but this was done in high-definition and the quality is outstanding,” Bonsorte says. “When you watch it on a good monitor, the quality is striking, so I feel like the technology and the art are finally ready now to show very high-quality imagery.”

Bonsorte and Zinberg’s film offers an unique and visceral visual experience, a “living amalgam of form and spirit,” and embodies both the most innovative film technology created today with a deep, holistic spiritual awareness.

The filmÝfeatures kaleidoscopic colors simultaneously merging and breaking free from one another, inspiring spiritual introspection, but also comes from a new model of filmmaking based on cutting-edge film technologies.

“The whole film is made with nature photographs, and I believe it is an homage to nature,” Bonsorte says. “This piece is really a connection between nature and meditation and beauty.

“We are living in a time of disconnection and violence, however, this is not what people really want. Violence is not coming from the will of the population.”

Bonsorte and Zinberg’s work has an impact on the mind, where the film does not command attention all at once in a single viewing, but instead empties the mind and induces a state of peacefulness.

Bonsorte and Zinberg are committed to conveying a message of hope and renewal to the world through the medium of film, photography and sculpture. They believe in a world inspired by beauty and peace, creating “matter out of ether,” a new and innovative consciousness sprung from pure positivity and the absolute necessity to bring about a conscious revolution here on earth.

The film is associated with Amazon Watch, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protect the Amazon against oil companies and wood-cutting, Bonsorte says. Bonsorte is the art ambassador of Amazon Watch, and part of the proceeds of the sales of the DVDs will go toward the organization.

Information, (310) 450-5200.