Coach Jean-Paul Pinzón is a world-class swim instructor who offers private swimming lessons for kids of all ages. Photo by Luis Chavez

Local instructor helps children develop confidence and skills in the water

By Sofia Santana

As summer approaches and many families will spend more time in the pool or at the beach, professional swim instructor Coach Jean-Paul Pinzón wants parents and students to feel at ease while being taught how to swim properly and at a young age.

“Swimming is an especially great outlet for children during this pandemic,” Pinzón said. “It’s crucial that children as young as 6 months old feel confident and safe in the water to help enhance their swimming skills.”

Pinzón always knew he had a passion to teach children the proper swimming methods as he grew up learning from his mother Kathleen Pinzón, a world renowned and trusted swim instructor in Los Angeles. Pinzón always knew exactly what it took to be a successful swim instructor and coach for the next generation of children that were eager to learn how to swim based on his personal experiences.

“Swimming has been a part of my life since I was born,” Pinzón said. “I’d been swimming competitively throughout my school years and professionally in college. Then I decided to jump right into the family business of professional swim instruction and coaching.”

Prior to the pandemic, Pinzón taught over 130 children per week. He has been able to modify his coaching programs to comply with safety protocols set by the CDC by creating small pods for children in private pools each week to allow for a safer learning environment.

“I wouldn’t have been able to learn the skills needed to coach so many clients if it wasn’t due to the knowledge that my mother was able to extend to me,” Pinzón said. “Learning first-hand from a professional swim instructor, specifically working with young children, allowed me to broaden my range of skills to suit the needs of my clients.”

One of the reasons Pinzón’s lessons are in such high demand is because of his techniques and patience he has for the children he instructs each week.

“All of our lessons have a structured yet sensitive approach that builds confidence, strength and the skills to be safe in the water, and I firmly believe learning to swim should be creative and fun,” Pinzón said.

Pinzón really believes in the importance of teaching children how to swim as early as possible so they can build the necessary motor skills needed to develop into confident swimmers later on.

“Teaching infants, toddlers and children to be water safe is all about instilling confidence and basic skills before fears and other troubles start to kick in,” Pinzón said. “Toddlers who’ve learned to swim early on develop better overall coordination and balance, and begin the process of reaping the benefits outside the pool as well.”

Pinzón grew up in Culver City and teaches children of all ages across all of areas of the Westside including but not limited to Playa Vista, Marina del Rey, Westchester, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Malibu.

“My goal is to teach children how to swim the correct way as early as possible so they can acquire the essential skills they need for the continuation of their lives so that eventually they no longer need me as their coach,” Pinzón said.

Entering this summer’s swim season, Pinzón’s hopes are to help even more children learn how to swim and get back to his busy pre-pandemic schedule with plans to eventually open his own professional swim school in the near future.

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