Assemblyman Ted Lieu of Torrance says he approved of the September 6th decision of the Ladies Professional Golf Association to rescind its decision to suspend players who do not speak adequate English from its tournament.

“I am pleased the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) has come to its senses and rescinded its backwards policy of banning players who do not speak English,” stated Lieu, chair of the Asian Pacific Islander Legislative. “I believe the pressure from newspaper editorial boards and columnists, community groups, and the threat of legislative action all combined to force the LPGA to change its ways.”

Lieu noted that the women’s golfing association should not be fully congratulated until its policy is implemented.

“However, until the LPGA issues its new policy, legislators, community groups, and the media should continue to be vigilant in monitoring LPGA’s actions,” the assemblyman cautioned.

“Perhaps what is most disturbing is the LPGA’s stated reason for attempting to enact its English-only policy in the first place. The LPGA stated that its tour players need to bring in sponsorships by playing golf with corporate sponsors,” Lieu added. “Sports fans should be outraged that the LPGA is elevating a golf player’s ability to schmooze with corporate executives over the player’s ability to play golf.”

The assemblyman believes that the association should adopt a new marketing strategy that spotlights its players’ strengths.

“The LPGA needs a new business model where the focus is on a player’s athletic skills, not her social skills,” Lieu said. “Otherwise the association’s initials stand for nothing more than ‘Lets Put Golf Aside’ in favor of corporate money.”