Ten Santa Monica businesses have been recognized for their sustainable quality.

The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Sustainable Works and the City of Santa Monica announced that four businesses have been honored with the Sustainable Quality Award grand prize and six businesses were recognized in the awardís excellence category.

ìThis was a very diverse and highly accomplished group of applicants,î said Dean Kubani, manager of the cityís Office of Sustainability and the Environment.

ìOur hope is that we can promote a business climate where all businesses achieve the level of commitment to sustainability that these award winners exemplify.î

Laurel Rosen, president and CEO of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, added, ìNow more than ever it is clear that the future of our city and nation is going to be based on environmental, social and economic viability. We are pleased to be a part of a city that is on the forefront of sustainability.

ìThe businesses being recognized for their contribution to our city realize that being green is not only a good investment in the community but a very smart business plan for future success.î

The voluntary activities that the recognized businesses have undertaken result in cleaner air and water, less waste, reduced traffic and pollution, improved quality of life for residents and workers, and a strong and viable local economy, according to the city sustainability office.

The four Sustainable Quality Award grand prize winners are Bryan Cave LLP, a business and litigation firm; Saint Johnís Health Center; Taxi! Taxi!, a locally-owned and operated taxicab company; and Whole Foods market.

Among the businesses recognized in the excellence category are Blair Graphics, a printing and digital services company, for stewardship of the environment and economic development; Business.com, a business search engine, for social responsibility; and Community Corporation of Santa Monica, a nonprofit organization that works in affordable housing, for economic development.

Three other businesses selected in the excellence category are Pluralistic School No. 1 for social responsibility; Santa Monica College for stewardship of the environment; and the Studio of Environmental Architecture for stewardship of the environment.

One of the Sustainable Quality Award grand prize winners and three of the excellence winners participated in the Sustainable Works Business Greening Program, a free service for Santa Monica businesses.

The award winners were honored at the Sustainable Quality Awards luncheon at the Sheraton Delfina hotel Wednesday, March 25th.

The luncheon featured keynote speakers Sheila Kuehl, former California State Senator, and Andy Lipkis, Tree People founder and president. Peter Kreitler, host of Earth Talk Today, an environmental television show, emceed the event.