This week we celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Argonaut newspaper, founded in 1971 by David Asper Johnson. For this special issue a few of us have written down our memories of the “early days” to share with our readers. And with sadness, because it is our first Argonaut anniversary without Dave, on page 3 we have included a reprint of his obituary, that he prepared himself, first published on May 18th.

We have also collected a small sampling of news stories The Argonaut has covered over the years, including a few of Dave’s popular “Snoopin’ around” columns.

In the top corners of many of this week’s pages you will find excerpts from these stories. They have been chosen in some cases for their historical significance, and in others just for an amusing look at what has changed and what has stayed the same.

Reprints of some early front pages are on pages 33 to 40.

To read the complete stories, or to research past issues of The Argonaut, readers can visit the Lloyd W. Taber-Marina del Rey Library at 4533 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, where they have archived all of the past Argonauts. We are grateful to the library staff that has provided this service over the years.

As we begin this 36th year, I can’t help but look ahead with optimism. This is an interesting area in which to live and work. It’s an area of great diversity, struggling to grow to its full potential while striving to preserve its character and history — no easy task.

Over the years this newspaper has become part of the fabric of this growing community, giving a voice to its readers while providing them with more in-depth local news than they could find anywhere else.

And it’s not a one-way street. With our “Letters to the Editor” page, we provide a way for readers to voice opinions about matters of general interest. Please continue to send us your letters, remembering of course to include your name, address, phone number and signature. And if you’ve never written to us before, let’s hear from you soon. Many say that the “Letters to the Editor” is the part of The Argonaut they always read first.

Having spent a lot of time this week going through old issues, I can’t help feeling more appreciation for the wonders of the present. These days The Argonaut is available in two formats. Those who prefer newsprint and ink can find The Argonaut in news racks at more than 1,000 locations, from Santa Monica to LAX and everywhere in between. Those more comfortable in cyberspace, can visit The Argonaut online at

Remember, we love to hear from you! Readers with comments and suggestions about the content of The Argonaut are encouraged to e-mail me at Carol