As of March 11th there are 15 projects on the Los Angeles County Redevelopment Project list for Marina del Rey.

One proposed project that is not listed is Parcel 49/77, which is in the process of receiving and reviewing Requests for Proposal (RFP) from at least two developers.

Another project proposal, the Marriott Residence Hotel at Mothers (Marina) Beach, has been withdrawn by the developer.

The Argonaut has compiled an overview of the 15 redevelopment projects currently proposed in the Marina, which include:

Parcel 7- Tahiti Marina — complete leasehold refurbishment; relocation of landside boater facilities; docks will not be reconstructed at this time. Possible slight reduction of parking due to relocation of landside boating facilities; impact currently unknown. No variance proposed.

A 30-day public review of the mitigated negative declaration (MND) is ongoing through Wednesday, April 14th.

Parcel 8- Bay Club/Decron Properties — building refurbishment; no new construction; docks will be reconstructed.

Massing —two 43-foot tall three-story residential buildings over parking. Existing parking spaces include 315 residential parking spaces and 172 slip spaces.

The MND was approved by the county Board of Supervisors December 8th. No variance proposed.

Parcel 9U- Woodfin Suites Hotel and Timeshare Resort — A 288-room hotel (152 rooms and 136 timeshare suites); six-story, 360-stall parking structure; new public transient docks; 28-foot-wide waterfront promenade.

Massing — 19-story hotel, 225 feet tall, on northern half of parcel with view corridor and wetland park on south half. All parking required of the project to be onsite.

The Regional Planning Commission approved the project and Local Coastal Program (LCP) amendment, which was forwarded to Board of Supervisors for a hearing (meeting date to be determined).

Regulatory matters include timeshare component; wetland; variance for enhanced signage and reduced setback adjacent to waterfront promenade.

Parcel 10/FF — Neptune Marina/Legacy Partners — 526 apartments; 161-slip marina plus seven end-ties; 28-foot-wide waterfront promenade; replacement of public parking both on and off site.

Massing — four 55-foot-tall clustered four-story residential buildings over parking. Parking is 103 public parking spaces to be replaced off site.

The Regional Planning Commission approved the project and the LCP amendment and recommended approval on March 10th to the Board of Supervisors (meeting date to be determined).

Regulatory matters include: LCP amendment to allow apartments on Parcel FF, remove Open Space category, and to transfer development potential from other development zones; parking permit allows 103 replacement public parking spaces off site; variance for enhanced signage and reduced setbacks.

Parcel 100/101 Del Rey Shores — 544-unit apartment complex; ten new public parking spaces.

Massing — 12 75-foot-tall five-story residential buildings; all parking required of the project to be located on site, plus ten public beach parking spaces.

Per court order, EIR was redone as to grading, approved by Board of Supervisors December 16th, 2008. Plancheck application filed. Regulatory matter — variance for enhanced signage.

Parcels 95/LLS — Marina West Shopping Center — 23,500 square feet of commercial/retail/restaurant and public park component.

Massing – single-story buildings, with all parking required of the project to be located on site.

New term sheet to be negotiated; regulatory matters to be determined; no variance proposed.

Parcel 145 — Marina International Hotel — complete refurbishment of 149 apartments.

Massing — 40-foot existing and proposed maximum height. Parking is 465 existing; 301 semi-subterranean and 164 surface parking spaces. No change. No variance is proposed.

The 30-day public review period of the MND is through Friday, April 9th.

Parcel OT — Oceana Retirement Facility — 114-unit congregate care units plus ancillary uses; 5,000 square feet of retail space. Public accessway from Washington Boulevard to Admiralty Way.

Massing — one five-story residential (senior) building over ground-floor retail and parking, 65 feet tall.

All required project parking to be on site; 92 public parking spaces to remain on site; 94 public parking spaces to be off site near Marina (Mothers) Beach.

The Regional Planning Commission heard the project on December 16th, when the staff was directed to finalize the EIR and the Design Control Board later approved the pedestrian connections. The project will return to the Planning Commission on April 7th.

Regulatory matters include: LCP amendment to create Active Seniors Accommodations Land Use category and rezone OT from parking to Active Seniors Accommodations Land Use category with Mixed-Use Overlay Zone, and transfer development potential between Development Zones Parking permit for senior retirement facility and allow some replacement public parking off site. No variance proposed.

Parcel 33/NR — The Waterfront — 292 apartments; 32,400 square-foot restaurant/retail space; rooftop observation deck.

Massing — three five-story mixed use residential/retail buildings (two 44-foot-tall and one 61-foot-tall) with view corridor.

All required parking to be located on site; 69 public parking spaces to be replaced on site.

Lease documents are in process and economic terms are being negotiated. Concept approval from the Design Control Board in August 2004; revised project sent to Design Control Board in August 2008 and was continued in December 2008.

Regulatory matters include: LCP amendment to add Residential V and a Mixed-Use Overlay Zone to Parcel 33, and rezone Parcel NR from parking to Visitor Serving/Commercial with a Mixed-Use Overlay Zone.

Parking permit to allow some replacement public parking off site. No variance proposed [this project would be developed on the former Harbor House/Edie’s Diner — now Organic Panificio — Waterfront site. This existing site has a large parking area.]

Parcel 10 — Holiday Harbor Courts — Phase I: five-story, 29,300 square-foot mixed use building (health club, yacht club, retail, marine office); 92-slip marina; 28-foot-wide waterfront promenade and pedestrian plaza.

Phase 2 (Parcel C) westernmost portion of land to revert to county for public parking.

The Design Control Board hearing of Phase 2 was continued from the March and April 2006 DCB meetings.

Massing — one 56-foot-tall commercial building with view corridor. All parking required of the project to be located on site, including 94 replacement spaces from Parcel OT and Parcel 20 boater parking.

The lease option documents approved in July 2008 have expired.

At the December 16th Regional Planning Commission, staff was instructed to finalize the EIR and to have the DCB review promenade improvements (which it did on February 17th). The project will be heard by the Regional Planning Commission on April 7th.

Regulatory matters include: LCP amendment to transfer parking from Parcel OT to 21; a coastal development permit for landside from Regional Planning; a coastal development permit from the California Coastal Commission. No variance is proposed.

Parcels 42/43 — Marina del Rey Hotel — complete refurbishment and dock replacement.

Massing — 36-foot-tall hotel building with 372 parking spaces.

Term sheets have been initialed in August and September 2009. Regulatory to be determined. No variance proposed.

Parcel 44 — Pier 44 — build new visitor-serving commercial and dry storage buildings; 91,090-square-foot visitor serving commercial space; 143 slips and five end-ties and 234 dry storage spaces.

Massing — four new visitor-serving commercial buildings, maximum 36 feet tall and one dry stack storage building, 65 feet, 5 inches tall. A 771.5-lineal feet view corridor proposed.

Parking — 381 at grade parking spaces with shared parking agreement (402 parking spaces are required).

Term sheet to be negotiated. Regulatory matters include shared parking agreement and project revision after initial DCB review in October 2008. No variance proposed.

Parcel 52/GG — Boat Central — 345-vessel dry stack storage facility; 30-vessel mast up storage space; 5,300 square-foot sheriff boatwright facility.

Massing — 81.5-foot-high storage building partially over the water, and parking with a view corridor. All parking required of the project to be located on site, public parking to be replaced on Parcel 56.

The Board of Supervisors granted an extension and modification of the lease option on November 10th. Regulatory matters: The DCB disapproved the project in May 2007 [but the project was moved forward in the process].

A Regional Planning application was filed December 2008. Screencheck draft EIR received July 2009.

Regulatory matters: LCP amendment to rezone the site to Boat Storage and to transfer Public Facility use to another parcel.

Variance for reduced setbacks and architectural guidelines requiring the structure be with 15 feet of the bulkhead.

Parcel 55/56W — Fisherman’s Village — 132-room hotel; 65,700 square-foot restaurant/retail space; 30-slip new marina; 28-foot-wide waterfront promenade.

Massing — nine mixed-use hotel/visitor-serving commercial/retail structures (eight are one or two-story and one 60-foot-tall hotel over ground floor retail/restaurant); parking structure with view corridor.

All parking required to be located on site; must include parking for adjacent Parcel 61 lessee (Shanghai Red’s) and replacement parking from Parcel 52.

The lease option has expired. The DCB approved the concept in July 2006. Regional Planning application filed May 2007. Screenback draft EIR in review.

Regulatory matters include: shared parking agreement and variance for reduced setbacks (side and waterfront).

Parcel 64 — Villa Venetia — This project has changed from complete leasehold redevelopment to complete refurbishment of existing 224 units in three stories with portions over parking and all parking on site.

The Board of Supervisors took action on the term sheet on February 2nd. Regulatory matters are to be determined because the project has changed.

An initial study was received by Regional Planning in 2009 and agency comments were requested by January 7th. No variance was proposed. The Small Craft Harbor Commission will consider the lease option for Tahiti Marina at its Wednesday, May 12th meeting at 10 a.m. at Burton Chace Park Community Room, 13650 Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey.

The mitigated negative declarations can be viewed at the offices of Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, 13837 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey and at the Lloyd Taber-Marina del Rey Library, 4533 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey.

Comments on mitigated negative declarations can be sent to Michael Tripp, County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning, Special Projects Section, 320 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90012-3225;

The Regional Planning Commission hearing scheduled for Wednesday, April 7th, will be held at the Department of Regional Planning, 320 W. Temple St., Room 150, Los Angeles, CA 90012.