PROP. 73 — Parental notification of minor daughter’s abortion — NO

PROP. 74 — Extension of public teacher trial period — NO

PROP. 75 — Government employee union dues — NO RECOMMENDATION

PROP. 76 — State budget and school funding — NO

PROP. 77 — Political redistricting — NO

PROP. 78 — Prescription drug discounts — NO

PROP. 79 — Prescription drug discounts and Medi-Cal — YES

PROP. 80 — Regulation of electrical service — NO

MEASURE Y — Los Angeles Unified School District bond measure — YES

PROPOSITION 73 — Currently, a pregnant minor can get an abortion in California without telling her parents about it.

Prop. 73 would change the State Constitution to require a doctor to notify a parent or guardian at least 48 hours before performing an abortion on a pregnant minor. While supporters say laws like this in other states have reduced pregnancy and abortion rates, others say there is no evidence to prove such claims.

PROPOSITION 74 — Under 74, the trial period for teachers would be extended from two to five years. Opponents say school districts can always eliminate inefficient teachers, regardless of whether they are temporary or permanent.

PROPOSITION 75 — Unions claim Prop. 75 is designed to weaken pubic unions but state employees who disagree with a union have the right now not to join that union.

PROPOSITION 76 — The real victims of Prop. 76 are schools. Prop. 76 drops formerly approved school funding and overturns voter-approved Prop. 98 school funding guarantees.

PROPOSITION 77 puts new political districts into effect before the usual redistricting period that follows each ten-year census. There are no guarantees that the three judges picked to redraw political boundaries will do a better job than the present system.

PROPOSITION 78 was drawn up by drug companies to combat Proposition 79. While Prop. 78 is closely associated with Prop. 79, participation of drug companies would be voluntary under Prop. 78. Under PROPOSITON 79, the state would negotiate drug company rebates. Drug companies that do not agree to lower prices for this new program would have their drugs removed from “preferred status” in Medi-Cal.

PROPOSITION 80 increases state control (regulation) over California’s electricity market and makes it harder to reduce state control. Determines where customers could buy their electricity from.

MEASURE Y — Allows Los Angeles Unified School District to issue $3.985 billion in bonds for aging classrooms, restrooms, new schools, books and technology.