Although a relative newcomer to The Argonaut staff (with only five years under my belt), I have been an avid reader of the paper since it was first published.

My hobby of sailing became my lifestyle when I moved aboard my boat in the late ’80s. Darien Murray was a good friend and she is the one who suggested I interview at the paper. I came, I saw and they hired me. Yay!

I enjoy the diversity of the work in a local newspaper and the opportunity to make the paper as good as possible. As ad director, I became part of the “executive committee,” a three-person group that took over the day-to-day running of the paper when David Johnson decided to go into semi-retirement. The group is made up of our present publisher Carol Hector, our business manager Carole Keenan, and myself.

Dave made sure we attended events where he could introduce his “ladies” and proudly tell of our accomplishments and how we had made his life so easy. The concept of an executive committee was intriguing, especially among those from other newspapers.

Dave wanted to insure that The Argonaut would have continuity into the future, with or without him. It may not work for all papers, but we are lucky to balance each other and bring diverse opinions and experience to the table.