Take a deep breath. Election season is almost over. There’s only one thing left to do: Vote.
The Argonaut published its endorsements for candidates and ballot measures in our Oct. 13, Oct. 20 and Oct. 27 editions.
The following is a quick summary of those endorsements — a handy reminder to finish the job and go out and vote. Disagree? Before you make up your mind, visit argonautnews.com/category/editorials to read the explanations behind our endorsements.

President: Hillary Clinton
U.S. Senate: Kamala Harris
House of Representatives: Ted Lieu, Karen Bass, Maxine Waters

Prop 51 – School Funding: No
Prop 52 – Hospital Fee: Yes
Prop 53 – Bond Approvals: No
Prop 54 – Legislative Transparency: Yes
Prop 55 – Taxing the Wealthy: Yes
Prop 56 – Cigarette Tax: Yes
Prop 57 – Criminal Sentencing: Yes
Prop 58 – Bilingual Education: Yes
Prop 59 – Repeal Citizens United: Yes
Prop 60 – Condoms in Porn: No
Prop 61 – Prescription Drugs: Yes
Prop 62 – End the Death Penalty: Yes
Prop 63 – Ammunition Sales: Yes
Prop 64 – Marijuana Legalization: Yes
Prop 65 – Paper Bag Tax: No
Prop 66 – Speed up Executions: No
Prop 67 – Uphold Plastic Bag Ban: Yes
62nd Assembly District: Autumn Burke

L.A. County Supervisor:
Steve Napolitano
Measure A – Parks Funding: Yes
Measure M – Transportation Funding: Yes

Prop HHH – Homeless Housing: Yes
Initiative JJJ – Construction Rules: No
Amendment RRR – LADWP Controls: Yes
Amendment SSS – Police Pensions: No

Measure GSH – Retail Transaction Tax: Yes
Measure GS – Spending Priorities: Yes
Measure LV – Voter Approval
of New Construction: No
Measure SM – Campaign Finance Reform: Yes
Measure V – Santa Monica College Funding: Yes
The polls are open
from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
on Tuesday, Nov. 8.
To find your polling
place, visit lavote.net
or smvote.org.