I quote Commodore Julie Albright:

“SBYRC (Santa Monica Bay Yacht Racing Club), as you probably know, every year hosts the Champagne Series, which is a High Point event. The winner of the overall event receives the Champagne Perpetual Trophy. What you may not know is that this trophy was originally gifted to us by Mumm Champagne, France.”

This year, for the first time in many years, Mumm Champagne has generously agreed to partner with SBYRC for this year’s event.

Mumm Champagne is a keen supporter of top sailing events, and the company is supporting the current round-the-world race, the VendÈe Globe.

What this means is that SBYRC will have Mumm Champagne magnums as the first prize trophies this year and special Mumm Champagne and buckets for the overall winners.

They’ll also have some Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne on hand for tasting and a champagne toast on the final night of the event, Saturday, February 5th.

With the excitement and sophistication of Mumm Champagne, it is going to be an incredible event, and you will see the Mumm name and the red, gold and white colors as a theme during the event. I think it will be a very exciting series this year as a result, and Mumm’s involvement will really bring some excitement and sophistication to the Champagne Series.

Information, sbryc.org

The next in the series will be sailed on Saturday, January 29th, and the final event is Saturday, February 5th.

On Saturday, January 15th, five classes and 35 boats went to the start, to spend the first day of the event on the water, with light breezes.

Race #1 saw Pacific Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) A and the Schock 35s depart on a three-nautical-mile course and finish within 30 to 45 minutes. PHRF B, PHRF C and the Martin 242 classes sailed a two-nautical-mile course, and again finished quickly.

Race #2 found PHRF A and Schock 35 classes sail a bit further, four nautical miles and on corrected time, with a little over an hour to complete the course.

The PHRF B, PHRF C and Martin 242s sailed three nautical miles and finished between 56 minutes and one hour, 33 minutes on corrected time.

Then everyone went to Marina Venice Yacht Club for sharing of stories, Champagne and commodore Julie’s family chili recipe, with terrific feedback.

Results are on the Web site of sbyrc.org

The room was red, gold and white (Mumm colors) and Mumm Cordon Rouge was the toast to the event.

Please put January 29th on your sailing calendar and celebrate with Mumm’s — they are celebrating you, the racer!