Police were called to a store in the Santa Monica Place mall at 3:50 p.m. Thursday, January 17th, where store employees told them that a male and a female suspect entered the store, took mesh shopping bags and put some items into a bag. While one of the suspects served as a lookout, the other suspect allegedly carried the shopping bag and left without paying.

Store employees tried to detain the suspects outside the store, but the suspects continued to walk away. The male suspect was wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the store tag on it and when employees tried to take the bag, he allegedly challenged them to fight.

The suspect then allegedly picked up a metal pipe and tried to hit the employees, who went back to the store and called police.

Officers located the two suspects in the 1200 block of Palisades Park, where they were in possession of the sweatshirt and shopping bag. The suspects were arrested and booked in Santa Monica Jail for armed robbery.


Police were called to the 1600 block of the beach at midnight Saturday, January 19th, regarding an assault with a deadly weapon investigation.

When officers arrived near the bathrooms, they saw a man bleeding from his face who said that he had been on the beach with some friends when they got into an argument.

During the argument, one of the friends allegedly picked up a baseball bat, hit the man and kicked him. The man was able to get away and found a passerby with a cell phone to call police.

The victim was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated for a fracture to the face and a broken nose.

After the victim gave officers a description of the suspect, they located the suspect in the 100 block of Broadway.

Police arrested the suspect and booked him for assault with a deadly weapon. A second suspect was booked for intimidating the victim during the assault.


Police were called to a store in the 1400 block of Fourth Street at 3:25 p.m. Wednesday, January 23rd, where store employees alleged that two suspects entered the store, and while one of them distracted the sales clerk, the other took a $500 watch from the sales rack.

The sales clerk realized that the watch was missing after the two suspects had left, and when he looked outside, he saw the suspects down the street holding the watch.

Police located the suspects in the area of Fifth Street and Broadway, arrested them and booked them for grand theft.


Police were called to a bar in the 3300 block of Pico Boulevard at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, January 20th, where a woman who used to work at the bar told them that she had gone back there to pick up her last paycheck. When the bar manager told her to go with him to the back office to get the check, the manager allegedly grabbed the woman’s breasts several times.

The woman managed to get away, took her paycheck and left. The suspect was arrested after a follow-up investigation by police and was booked in Santa Monica Jail for sexual assault.


A witness in the area of 14th Street and Broadway told police at 8:35 p.m. Friday, January 18th, that he was following three suspects who were allegedly spraypainting gang graffiti on several walls and garages in the area.

The damage was estimated at over $400.

When police arrived, the witness directed them to the suspects’ location. Police tried to detain the suspects but two of them got away.

A third suspect, who was found with a spray can in his possession, was arrested and booked in Santa Monica Jail for felony vandalism.


A computer technician at a store in the 2800 block of Wilshire Boulevard told police at 1 p.m. Sunday, January 20th, that a suspect had brought a laptop computer into the store for repair.

When the technician took the computer apart, he noticed that the information listed on the computer didn’t match the suspect, who had asked for the computer passwords to be removed.

The technician called the computer company, which determined that the computer was reported stolen from a doctor’s office.

After a follow-up investigation, police arrested the suspect and booked him for possession of stolen property.

— Compiled and written by Vince Echavaria