Police were called to a homeless shelter in the 500 block of Olympic Boulevard at 9:20 p.m. Friday, July 6th, where shelter employees alleged that a man who was staying at the shelter was intoxicated and had pushed some of the residents around.

When officers arrived and went to talk to the man, he allegedly became verbally abusive. As police tried to detain the suspect, he allegedly resisted arrest.

The suspect was arrested and booked for assault and battery, public intoxication and resisting arrest.


Police were called to a residence in the 2800 block of Washington Avenue at 1:40 p.m. Saturday, July 7th, where a man said that he had parked his car and was crossing the street with a friend when another car approached them.

The car then stopped and three suspects inside allegedly began to make racial slurs at the man and his friend.

As the comments escalated, the suspects got out of the car and allegedly punched and kicked the man. One of the suspects allegedly displayed a knife in a threatening manner.

One of the suspects then allegedly brought a pit bull from the car that bit the man in the face. The man’s friend was not injured.

The man was able to get away and the suspects got in their car and drove away.

When a witness came to assist the victim, the vehicle returned, but the witness took the victim inside a residence and called police.

Police were given a description of the vehicle and a license plate number, and through a follow-up investigation they were able to locate the suspects at a residence in Pacific Palisades.

The three suspects were arrested and booked in Santa Monica Jail for assault with a deadly weapon and making hate-related threats.


A parking enforcement officer in the 1400 block of Fifth Street at 5:45 p.m. Saturday, July 7th, checked the license plate number of a vehicle parked at an expired meter, which identified the vehicle as stolen from Los Angeles.

While the parking enforcement officer was at the scene, two people returned to the vehicle and got inside.

The officer called police, who detained the two occupants. The driver allegedly told police that he bought the 2007 Toyota for $150.

Police arrested the driver and booked him in Santa Monica Jail for grand theft auto.


Police were called to a store in the 1800 block of Wilshire Boulevard at 3:20 p.m. Sunday, July 8th, where a man alleged that he was sitting in front of the store when a suspect approached him and said that the area was his hangout and that the man should leave.

When the man told the suspect he was not going to leave, the suspect allegedly displayed a pair of scissors and threatened to kill the man.

Store employees who overheard the comments called police.

The suspect was arrested and booked in Santa Monica Jail for assault with a deadly weapon and making threats.


Police were called to the 2500 block of the beach at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, July 8th, where witnesses at the scene alleged that a suspect was with three friends when he was spraying graffiti on benches near the bike path.

Police detained the suspect, who allegedly had a spray paint can in his backpack and admitted to spraying graffiti on the benches.

The suspect was arrested and booked in Santa Monica Jail for vandalism.


Police were called to a hair salon in the 2400 block of Main Street at 3:25 p.m. Sunday, July 8th, where employees told them that a suspect, who had previously been inside the salon and allegedly caused disturbances, walked into the salon and went up to an employee he recognized.

The suspect then allegedly punched the employee in the eye and spat on him.

The employee was able to get away and other salon employees restrained the suspect until police arrived.

The suspect was arrested and booked in Santa Monica Jail for assault and battery.

— Compiled and written by Vince Echavaria