The Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble will present award-winning playwright Kit Steinkellner’s The Good Prisoner at the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica beginning Thursday, Oct. 21 through Nov. 13.

The Good Prisoner is the story of a woman trying desperately to “escape the monster she has become in a world that has stripped her of her humanity,” according to Steinkellner.

The play takes place in an unnamed time and place eerily similar to the present-day United States, in the wake of a nightmarish political regime. The story centers around Anna, a young woman, employed as a prison guard during the regime, who finds that she has been violently changed by the brutal times she has lived through. The character has developed frightening compulsions that lead her to commit unspeakable acts throughout her small community.

The story plays through two timelines – Anna’s past, which shows how she became the monster she is in the present, as well as her present as she struggles desperately to become a human being again.

The Good Prisoner is produced by Tom Burmester, Eric Sims, Danika Sudik, and Corwin Evans. This is Steinkellner’s third production with the Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble and her fifth with the Powerhouse Theatre.

The theater is at 3116 Second St., Santa Monica.

Tickets start at $7. Immediately following the Oct. 21 performance, the audience is invited to join the company at the opening night reception on the deck at the Powerhouse. Closing night, Nov. 13, will be followed by a closing night reception.