Dr. Arthur Benjamin, to speak at LMU April 4th

“Mathemagician” Dr. Arthur Benjamin will speak at Loyola Marymount University Wednesday, April 4th, sponsored by The Seaver College of Science and Engineering.

The public is invited to the talk, scheduled for 7 p.m. in Pereira Hall, Room 140. Bejamin’s presentation is “suitable for all audiences, including the math-phobic,” says an LMU source.

The Los Angeles Times has said that “He talks like a performer, acts like a magician, and multiplies faster than a calculator.”

Benjamin, of Harvey Mudd College, was named “America’s Best Math Whiz” by Reader’s Digest Magazine in May 2005.

In his presentation, “Mathemagics,” Benjamin is expected to demonstrate and explain his abilities to mentally multiply enormous numbers, memorize a 100-digit number, figure the day of the week of anyone’s birthday, and more.

Benjamin’s talents have been showcased on The Today Show, CNN, and National Public Radio. He has appeared in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, People Magazine, Scientific American and Discover Magazine, among others.

Information, Dr. Alissa Crans, (310) 338-2380.