During the band’s world tour, Maroon 5 bassist Sam Farrar sketched figures hidden in street maps

In the eyes of Sam Farrar, Venice and Marina del Rey form the face of an elephant, its trunk extending down the Silver Strand and Windward Circle making for a watchful eye.

Downtown Cincinnati becomes the hull of a wooden ship resting on a curve of the Ohio River.

In southern Turkey, the Gulf of Antalya outlines the bright blue cloak of a man looking east.

At each destination on L.A. rock band Maroon 5’s 2016-17 world tour, bassist Farrar drew faces and figures that only he could see reflected in local street maps.

He calls them SAMAPS.

‘I stare very intently at a blank map, and eventually images and faces start to pop out,” Farrar explains at samfarrar.com.

The sketch artist and rock star — he’s also the bassist of Phantom Planet — will show his SAMAPS at the Abbot Kinney Boulevard headquarters of the BAM! video messaging app (bam.me), kicking off an 11-day exhibit run with a live drawing on May 5.

— Joe Piasecki

Sam Farrar does a live SAMAP drawing at 8 p.m. Friday, May 5, at BAM! HQ, 1306 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice. The exhibit continues through May 14, hours TBD. Visit samfarrar.com for more info.