The body of 93-year-old former President Ronald Reagan, who died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease Saturday, June 5th, was in a Santa Monica funeral home for two days.

Reagan’s body was taken to Gates Kingsley & Gates Moeller-Murphy Funeral Home, 1925 Arizona Ave., shortly after he died. Funeral directors prepared the body and casket for upcoming services in Simi Valley and Washington, D.C.

Upon hearing news that Reagan had died, thousands of people arrived in Santa Monica to honor him.

People created a memorial with cards, flowers and flags outside the funeral home, and reminisced about Reagan’s two terms as president.

Reagan’s casket stayed at the funeral home until Monday morning, June 7th, when former First Lady Nancy Reagan and family members arrived to follow the casket to the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, where the public paid their respects to the 40th president until Tuesday evening, June 8th.

Santa Monica and Los Angeles Police Department officers and the Secret Service controlled the crowds and traffic for the motorcade Monday.

After being flown to Washington, D.C., Reagan’s body was to lie in state in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda from Wednesday evening until Friday morning, when services will be held at the National Cathedral.

Reagan’s body will then be flown back to California to be buried at the Reagan Library Friday evening, June 11th.

Reagan and his family chose Gates Kingsley & Gates Moeller-Murphy Funeral Home before Reagan’s death, said family spokeswoman Joanne Drake. Hollywood celebrities, politicians and notable businesspeople have frequently used the funeral home.