The Westchester Park Tennis Key Titans, a local tennis team

of seven-to-16-year-old players, finished the season with three of its division teams reaching a championship match.

The Tennis Key is at Westchester Park, 7000 Manchester Ave., Westchester. The program currently has six teams and more than 250 juniors participating in the junior program.

The Titans novice and satellite teams were each crowned champions of their respective divisions, and the Titans open team finished runner-up in the West Los Angeles Prince Junior League.

The teams are divided by skill level, with beginner players on the novice team, intermediate players on the satellite team and advanced players on the open team.

The novice team took a 5-0 record to Hillcrest Country Club December 4th, where the Titans defeated another undefeated team from Beverly Hills Country Club 7-4.

Zac Brodney clinched the win on clay surface by coming from behind to win in a tiebreaker.

The novice team is composed of Brodney, Robert Gladstone, Andrew Stern, Taylor Stern, Danny Buendia, TJ Buckley and Tommy Botch.

“I am so proud and honored to be a part of this team,” said Hai Nguyen, director of tennis at the Tennis Key. “They are a great group of kids with tremendous heart and sportsmanship.”

The Titans satellite team also took an undefeated record of 5-0 to Beverly Hills Tennis December 11th, and defeated the host team 8-2, winning all three doubles matches.

The satellite team is composed of Steven Chew, Derek Harada, Gerard Miedzinski, Nicholas Ramsey, Chase Yasuda, Robbie Chew, Corey Martinez, Jake Lefferman and Chris Bulpitt.

“These kids work hard all year long,” said Chris Dennis, Titans co-coach. “They listen, practice and devote a tremendous amount of time toward this team.”

The Titans open team was also undefeated heading into the division championship match, but came up short against the team from Beverly Hills Tennis in a close-fought match.

The open team is composed of Kurt Sweifel, Kiyoshi Shishido, Mael Raoult, Victoria Nichols, Kenji Shishido, Amy Romeo, Nikolai Rothman, Zac Mullings and Michelle Dennis.

“Although we lost, the kids accomplished and learned so much this season,” said Ted Hall, Titans co-coach.

“It was only their second season in the league, so I am sure they will be back.”