While I wish to move forward with the business of the council, I have no choice but to respond to the baseless commentary made by Mr. (Past Del Rey President Mark) Redick about the incoming Del Rey Neighborhood Council board. The facts outlined below demonstrate transparency by all members of the Del Rey Neighborhood Council. These comments are mine as an individual and do not necessarily represent the beliefs of the board.

During his last year as president of the neighborhood council, Mr. Redick established an audit committee. As chair of that committee, he never once called the committee into session. In my role as chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, I routinely presented a public review of all council expenditures. Mr. Redick did not like that practice, and directed the committee to meet only to pass a budget for the council and not to address any other issue.

Mr. Redick subsequently removed me as chair of the committee. The new committee chair did not convene a meeting for over three months. I continued to serve as the council treasurer and continued to present a public itemization of council funds, at which times Mr. Redick praised me for my “great work.”

The only lack of transparency about these public proceedings is that the minutes of this meeting were never submitted to the council for approval, which was the responsibility of Mr. Redick and the chair that he appointed.

As for the issue about the ethics training, Mr. Redick’s statements are untrue. The minutes of the public meeting reflect the actual discourse, which was that multiple members of the board stated Mr. Redick’s motion was unnecessary and potentially against the bylaws of the council. At no time did I, or any member of the council, deny the need for all members to pass ethics training as soon as possible. Likewise, not one single member of the board supported Mr. Redick’s motion. Due to the lack of support from the board, the motion was pulled.

Mr. Redick had considerable authority to address any issues of transparency while he was president. There is not a “dark cloud” over the new council.

Any suggestion that there is should be equated to the decisions made by the past president.

The Del Rey Neighborhood Council election earlier this year turned out the largest number of voters in its history. People wanted a change, and they got it. Neighborhood council members are volunteers who take time out of their busy lives to work together to improve their community. Sometimes mistakes are made; rarely are these malicious acts.

Mr. Redick’s comparison of an oversight by a volunteer citizen to the (former President Richard) Nixon presidential crimes demonstrates real contempt for this Neighborhood Council and extreme disrespect of the efforts provided by the thousands of residents in the 91 neighborhood councils.

I look forward to working with a new group that is committed to a spirit of collaboration and dedication to the Del Rey community. As always, I welcome the community to attend all events and meetings to judge the actions of the new council for themselves.


Brett Flater

Treasurer, Del Rey Neighborhood Council