The Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa del Rey (NCWPDR) voted Tuesday, January 11th, to recommend that the City of Los Angeles Planning Department require Sea Glass Holdings to conduct an environmental impact report (EIR) for a proposed beach development at 6719-6823 Pacific Ave., Playa del Rey.

Sea Glass Holdings wants to construct 35 townhomes and 4,000 square feet of retail space at the foot of Culver Boulevard in Playa del Rey — commonly referred to as “Toes Beach.”

Before voting on the EIR motion, the Neighborhood Council board heard from several audience members during a public comment session.

Playa del Rey resident and Save Our Dunes founder John Hughes supported an EIR for the project, but also suggested a land swap and public acquisition of the Toes Beach property.

“It’s important to understand that this is not hostile to the owner’s interests,” said Hughes. “They are businessmen looking to make a profit. If they can get a reasonable return on their investment, they’ll take it.

“Public acquisition and restoration also fulfills the vision of the local neighbors and provides an important benefit for the beach-going public.

“In short, public acquisition is the “win/win” solution.

“A resolution of support from this body would simply help the community in their search for funding. It’s not binding in any way and not in the interest of one group over another. If the community can find enough money for the owners to agree to a deal ñ great. If not, no harm done by supporting our efforts.”

Derek Jones, a land use attorney representing Sea Glass told the Neighborhood Council board and audience that Sea Glass could have proposed to build up to 98 residential units on the Toes Beach site, but has opted to build only 35.

Jones said Sea Glass will preserve approximately half of the three-acre site for public use, including a 15-foot public access beach path.

Sea Glass purchased the Toes Beach property in August 2004.

All three Los Angeles City Council District 11 candidates were present and spoke during the public comment session on the Toes Beach item.

Flora Gil Krisiloff, Bill Rosendahl, and Angela Reddock were in agreement that a full EIR should be performed for the proposed development.

“I was out at the sight; there are definitely dunes there,” said Krisiloff.

“It’s a sensitive ecosystem and not something we should take lightly,” she said.

“It is fair to this community to have a full environmental impact review,” said Krisiloff.

“I personally really don’t want that project to ever be built on those dunes,” said Rosendahl.

“All three of us (candidates) are on the same sheet of music” regarding a full EIR to be conducted, he said.

“I stand with my fellow neighbors of the Playa del Rey community in opposing the sand dunes project and ask of this body to request that the (Los Angeles) City Council ask for a full environmental impact study,” said Reddock.

The Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa del Rey serves as an advisory board to the Los Angeles City Council.

The City of Los Angeles Planning Department is expected to consider the Neighborhood Council’s recommendation that a full EIR be conducted by Sea Glass Holdings.