A recent study by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works finds that a traffic signal in front of the Marina City Club entrance at 4333 Admiralty Way in Marina del Rey is now warranted, as well as modification of an existing traffic signal at Los Angeles County Fire Department Station #110 at 4433 Admiralty Way, said Gary Boze, media relations representative for the department.

The information, stated in a May 24th letter from Public Works director Donald Wolfe to Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe — who represents the Fourth District, which includes Marina del Rey — indicates that Wolfe’s department recommends installation of one traffic signal and modification of the other to allow for pedestrian movement across Admiralty Way.

The traffic signals could be operational by the summer of 2009 if the cooperative agreement with the Marina City Club Management Council is executed in a timely manner, according to Boze.

Essex Marina City Club, LP, is the lessee of the property and Don Kinney, the area manager for the organization, confirmed that the Marina City Club Management Council — which includes two representatives from Essex and two homeowner representatives — has approved $20,000 to assist in the design and construction of the traffic signal in front of the club.

The total cost estimate for the new traffic signal, including associated roadwork and the modifications to the traffic signal at the fire station, is $152,000, according to the Public Works letter.