This is one fitness instructor you don’t want to see angry.

Lou Ferrigno and daughter Shanna

Lou Ferrigno and daughter Shanna

Lou Ferrigno, TV’s “The Incredible Hulk,” is teaming up with his wife and daughter to offer a free wellness program for six Saturday mornings on the Santa Monica Pier.

Dubbed “Hey Muscles – Lean Fitness by FerrignoFIT,” the series is billed as “an overhaul of mind, body and spirit, with classes focused on creating lean muscle and healthy living and eating habits.”

The Ferrignos (Lou, wife Carla and daughter Shannon) teamed with dietitians and workout gurus to build a 360-degree healthy living experience from mind to muscle.

This Saturday’s class, “Start with Determination,” pairs Lou with Yogaworks Yoga’s Mike Dunlavy. Next weekend’s “Habits for Longevity” features Carla, an author, with Equinox instructors, and on July 25 Shannon (CEO of FerrignoFIT) teams with Nike master trainer Joselynne Boschen for a session titled “Stop Self-Sabotage.”

Leading classes on the pier is something of a full-circle moment for Lou, who in 1976 spent a perilous week living under the iconic structure before launching his world champion bodybuilder career, which quickly evolved into TV stardom.

Classes begin at 9 a.m. and continue through Aug. 16. Visit for more information.

— Michael Aushenker