Eco-friendly holiday decorations created by two interior design students from the Art Institute of California-Los Angeles are on display at the Big Blue Bus transit store in downtown Santa Monica.

The individual displays contain either recycled or natural materials, including old Big Blue Bus maps and bus tokens, natural pine cones, water bottles, empty food boxes, recycled wood planks, paper towel rolls, discarded tree branches and old bicycle tires.

“When you first look at the window display, it’s so peaceful and pictur-esque,” says Dan Dawson, customer relations manager for the Big Blue Bus. “I think it really captures the feeling and quiet of being in a forest.”

In addition to the birch forest in the window, some of the other decorations include colorful ornaments made from day passes, wreaths wrapped in recycled paper ribbons and baskets created from plastic bags, Big Blue Bus staff said.

Interior design students Dimitra Dorbacopoulos and Margallet Yosef are scheduled to graduate from the institute this month. They were selected for the project because of their exemplary performance with their work, both inside and outside the classrooms, bus agency staff said.

“We hoped that by doing this display, it would set an example to society that the beauty in art work lies not only in creativity, but in the process as well,” Dorbacopoulos said.

Yosef said that in addition to the environmental message, the students hoped to encourage people to make their own decorations for their home this holiday season.

“We think it can be fun and also inspiring for children to gather items they find around the house and turn them into something beautiful,” she said. “A little creativity really can go a long way.”

The transit store is at 223 Broadway near the Third Street Promenade. Store hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday. Information,, or (310) 451-5444.