Travelers aid volunteers at Los Angeles International Airport and Union Station in downtown Los Angeles were honored June 6th for their dedicated service.

The volunteers recognized by the Travelers Aid Service of Los Angeles are credited with accumulating 31,840 hours of service in 2009, when they assisted approximately 736,980 travelers at LAX, a spokesperson for the group said.

Among the volunteers honored who reached 2,000 hours of service were Steven Catsiff, Pat Marshall, Richard Newberry, Barbara Pritzkat, Lupe Razanskas, Jesse Stallings and Louise Upp.

Also honored were Carole Mullaney, Hilda Hathaway, John Chevedden, George Hall, Henderson Jones, Joan Bennett, Elsie Bobbins, Byrnadine Buehring, Yasuhiko Komorita, Donice Pancost, Audrey Jackson, Bob Rutledge, Annabel St. John, Marilyn Kelly, Masako Oshita, Fred Voeste, Eleanor Voeste, Dorothy Chapple, M. Lorayne Douglass, Sara Clark, Roi Gonotirto, Ella Ivie, Art Milicov, and Vera Parker.

Travelers aid volunteers greet passengers at LAX at fixed booth locations in all nine terminals. There are 248 volunteers serving at LAX and 15 volunteers at Union Station. LAX volunteers work seven days a week on four-hour shifts.

Their responsibilities include providing access to social workers, airport information, directional services, touring, transportation and lodging information, and language interpretation.