Mayan god swallows him whole in a new Venice Boardwalk mural

By Christina Campodonico

Venice artist Daniel Isaac and his artistic statement of “outrage and fury” Photo by Lucas Esposito

Venice artist Dan Plasma and his artistic statement of “outrage and fury”
Photo by Lucas Esposito

Street art meets political protest at Ti Ti’s Tacos, a Venice Boardwalk food stand where local artist Daniel Rauch (better known as Dan Plasma) has painted a mural depicting Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump being devoured by a Mayan god.

After getting permission to paint on the restaurant’s metal shutter security door, Plasma says it was “outrage and fury” over the blowhard billionaire’s incendiary remarks about Mexican immigrants that spurred him to create the image of a potent symbol of Mayan lore triumphing over Trump.

In the mural, the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl — known in Mayan tradition as the god of learning, ruler of the wind and creator of the universe — has a puffy-faced Trump clenched between his teeth, about to swallow him whole.

“Anyone from any country south of the border understands this image and this God. It’s something sacred to them since youth. It’s in their ancestry and cultural genetics,” explains Plasma, who is white but honored the restaurant owners’ request to paint something on the door that reflected their Mexican heritage. “Quetzalcoatl represents ‘the people’ in this mural, the brown people, those with the most to lose from this man.”

Trump, on the other hand, represents the “devil” in this mural, says Plasma, who depicted the candidate verbally spewing a crossed out peace sign, an atom nucleus, a dollar sign, and a rocket into a world bubble.

“I used these icons instead of words so the meaning could be universally understood by those who spoke any language,” says Plasma.

So far, the mural seems to already have gotten popular approval on the boardwalk.

“This wall typically gets tagged every night, but since I did the mural only one person touched it,” says Plasma. “They drew an upside down cross and devil horns on Trump’s face. Come to think of it, that’s a great addition. I should have thought of that.”

Ti Ti’s Tacos is at 1601 Ocean Front Walk, near Windward Avenue.