New signs have been installed near the beach and on major streets along the Los Angeles coastline to help residents and visitors identify hazard zones and evacuation routes in the event of a tsunami in the local area.

Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl announced the installation of the Tsunami Hazard Zone and Evacuation Route signs in his 11th Council District during a gathering at Pacific Avenue and Navy Street in Venice Monday, November 24th.

The councilman said about 90 of the signs will be put up in the 11th Council District by the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Approximately 120 signs are expected to be installed by next year, according to the city Emergency Management Department.

Rosendahl said funding for the signs was identified in a discretionary account and it was transferred to the Emergency Operations Fund Department to speed up the installation process.

Following the tsunami that struck Southeast Asia in late 2004 killing thousands of people, residents and officials in Los Angeles looked at ways to better prepare the region in the event a deadly tidal wave were to hit the Southern California coast. The city established a tsunami preparedness task force to address the issue.

Rosendahl said city leaders are “doing whatever we can to prepare our citizens in the 11th District” for events such as a tsunami or earthquake.

“I have a strong sense that the better prepared we are, the better off we are as a community,” the councilman said.

Venice residents Robin Rudisil and Darryl Dufay organized a tsunami town hall meeting last year to address questions and concerns from local residents on how to prepare for a tsunami. As a result, an evacuation plan and education campaign was developed in coordination with local residents and city agencies to make sure Los Angeles is better prepared.

The Emergency Preparedness Department has also issued a tsunami emergency flyer listing information on tsunamis, including safety tips and a map of evacuation routes. Areas west of Lincoln Boulevard are expected to be drastically impacted in the event a tsunami strikes the coast.