The “7 Dudley Cinema” event mixes live performance with trippy video projections, including the above stills of a rock concert and a rodeo clown

The “7 Dudley Cinema” event mixes live performance with trippy video projections, including the above stills of a rock concert and a rodeo clown

Artist-filmmakers Will Erokan and Gerry Fialka combine video with poetry, dancing and live music to chart a multimedia exhibition

By Michael Aushenker

Marvel Comics has Dr. Strange, the fabled Master of the Mystic Arts who could transport himself through the cosmos to different dimensions at the speed of light.

The Westside has Gerry Fialka and Will Erokan.

And while this creative duo may not be bent on astral projection or be tangling with the Dreaded Dormammu anytime soon, they may nonetheless trip the light fantastic and take viewers to other realms when they bring their latest artistic endeavor to Venice’s Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center on Sunday.

In an event titled “7 Dudley Cinema Psybernetic Dreaming with RIA Live Cinema,” video artists and self-described “social engineers” Erokan and Fialka present what Fialka calls “their post-hypnotic triggering and hyper-maximum multimedia ‘live cinema’ event.”

As Fialka explains, RIA — his acronym for the pseudo-scientific “Resonant Interval Algorythmns” — is “a psychedelic multimedia event with live poets, music and dancers in front of three video screens projecting experimental films.” He ultimately wants attendees to “turn your eyes into ears.”FIALKA3_8408609971_13d0619f6b_o

Veteran underground film curator and filmmaker Fialka, who for more than two decades has hosted a festival of shorts created on the now-defunct PXL-2000 camcorder (introduced in 1987 by Fisher-Price) at UnUrban Café in Santa Monica, has a history of stoking the art world’s fires.

Since 1997, Fialka has conducted a public interview series with a wide swath of creatives called Media Ecology Soul Sessions (a.k.a. MESS), conducting conversations with such notables as Mary Woronov, Firesign Theatre’s Phil Proctor, Van Dyke Parks, Orson Bean, Hunter Drohojowska-Philp and the late Mike Kelley, who broke down in tears by the end of their intense discussion. He’s conducted interactive workshops at UCLA and MIT, delivered lectures at the 2001 North America James Joyce Conference at UC Berkeley and published interviews with Kelley and other artists in Artillery magazine and other publications.

Fialka teamed up with Erokan in 2008 after Erokan’s Pixelvision short “Reality Shift” screened at 2007’s “PXL This 17.” Impressed with Erokan’s montage pacing, Fialka proposed that they collaborate. The resulting 2008 video, “I’m Not Beer” — a goof on Todd Haynes’ sideways Bob Dylan biopic “I’m Not There” — has resulted in the duo creating films and performing “live cinema” events exploring influences such as Luis Bunuel, Marshall McLuhan, Williams Burroughs, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Captain Beefheart.

Over the past six years, San Francisco’s New Nothing Cinema has hosted many Erokan-Fialka events, which have featured creatives V. Vale, Rock Ross, Robert Dobbs and George Russell.

Come Sunday with “RIA,” Fialka promises a journey into mystery that will “combine design thinking and McLuhan’s mosaic writing techniques, effects precede causes, sense ration shifting and Tetrad management to percept plunder the recent future.”

As Dr. Stephen Strange would exclaim, “By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth” indeed.

“7 Dudley Cinema begins at 7 p.m. Sunday at Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice. $5 donation. (310) 822-3006;