Lawrence Johnson and Willie Roy have retired from the Los Angeles Airport Police at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after completing a combined total of 67 years of service to the City of Los Angeles.

Johnson, also known as L.J., is one of the three original security officers at LAX. He holds badge number one, the first badge issued to a Los Angeles International Airport security officer.

Los Angeles Airport Police is a division of Los Angeles World Airports, which owns and operates the city’s airports.

When Johnson joined the security staff in 1975, he was one of 16 officers assigned to the three then-wooden security posts at LAX.

“When I first arrived,” he recalled, “identification checks were confirmed by visual examination and verbal questioning. The posts were without amenities, so the officers took their personal breaks every four hours.”

Today, 200 officers are assigned to 18 concrete and bulletproof posts now equipped with heating and air-conditioning units, refrigerators, microwave ovens and state-of-the-art identification systems.

“L.J. is the epitome of a first-class professional security officer,” said Los Angeles Police Lt. Arthur Rosby, Johnson’s supervisor. “He is always punctual, alert, vigilant, courteous and knowledgeable and never a complainer.

“He accepted all types of assignment and was always available to the department when he was needed.”

Johnson was recognized four times for perfect attendance by Los Angeles World Airports and received a model citizen award from the City of Inglewood.

He served in the United States Army for four years and has been married to his wife Cynthia for 22 years.

Roy began his career as an airport security officer in 1980 after entering Los Angeles city service in 1972.

His supervisors and fellow officers consider him one of the most dedicated security officers at LAX and Roy is known for his efficient handling of the Airport Police LAX Impound Lot, where he has been assigned for many years.

“A dedicated employee, supportive and loving family man, Roy cared for his wife, who was terminally ill for many months,” said Sgt. Alicestine Miller.

Roy has been married for two years to his present wife Verna, a senior clerk-typist with the Los Angles Fire Department. He served in the United States Navy for six years and received its Loyalty Award.