It’s always fun to see what the daily papers are saying about us.

The little downtown daily wrote essentially a negative piece last Friday on the Venice Centennial, devoting almost the entire article to the longtime squabbles of the folks involved.

Credit USA Today for capturing on the same day the essence of Venice with its wonderful headline on the front page of the paper’s Destination section:

“Venice, Calif. celebrates 100 years of attitude.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Thought the Centennial parade Sunday morning was delightful — short but sweet, and lots of diverse entries.

Was fun to see so many neighbors chatting up neighborhood items as they waited to the parade to begin.

The morning began with an invitation breakfast for community leaders and longtime residents of Venice.

It was great to see the second and third generations of those who helped make Venice the wonderful, diverse place it is.

Jacqueline Konrad, granddaughter of Abbot Kinney, has some wonderful stories about early days in Venice, even though her famous grandfather had died before she was born.

Public television personality Huell Howser was having a difficult time trying to round up all the members of the Taber Family, all descendants of Abbot Kinney’s chauffeur. There were so many of Taber Family members at the breakfast and they were much in demand for early stories about their famous ancestor.

There are still a lot of Centennial events coming up.

Readers will want to continue checking our What’s On section for details.