The U.S. Coast Guard Division 4, Flotilla 02 of Marina del Rey will host a two week course covering GPS Navigation, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Monday, November 8th, at the California Yacht Club, 4469 Admiralty Way.

Participants who have a hand-held GPS, are asked to bring it to the class.

The cost of materials for the course is $25. To enroll, call (310) 823-4009.

The U.S. Coast Guard Division 12 has unveiled its first Web site:


“The Web site is intended to increase an appreciation for and an understanding of the Coast Guard division and its volunteers,” says Charles Ecker, Coast Guard division staff officer for public affairs.

The Web site was designed by Auxiliarist Joseph Budzowski of Playa del Rey, a professional Web site developer, and includes, among other things, details on upcoming boating classes, previously published commentary articles by senior Division 12 members on boating issues, member- ship opportunities and availability of free Vessel Safety Checks.