It was announced Wednesday, June 6th, that the Boys & Girls Club of Venice would receive a grant for $41,000 from the LA84 Foundation, formerly known as the Amateur Athletic Foundation. The grant will serve to support the sports, fitness and recreation program at the club.

Current competitive programs under the Play Now initiative include basketball, soccer, flag football and sailing. Intramural recreation programs include volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer and sailing.

Over 700 club members annually participate in the various sports, fitness and recreation programs.

“Sports at the club have kept us out of trouble,” says Eduardo Guerrero, a club member for four years.

In 1984, the Games of the 23rd Olympiad brought the best of sports to Southern California. The city and people of Los Angeles demonstrated what can be accomplished when working together toward a common goal.

Today, the spirit of the 1984ÝOlympic Games lives on. Through direct grants, sponsored programs and refurbishment of facilities, the LA84 Foundation has enabled millions of youths to discover and develop their potential by participating in sports. For over 20 years, the LA84 Foundation has provided insight into the most pressing issues in youth sports, guided coaches to cultivate the best in their athletes and strengthened the ties between generations and communities.

To clarify public understanding, signal its renewed energy, urgency and commitment, and perpetually honor the spirit of the Games that led to its existence, the LA84 Foundation changed its name from the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles.

Information on the Boys & Girls Club of Venice, www.bgcv .org/, or (310) 390-4477.

Erikk Aldridge is the executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Venice.