A group planning a celebration of the centennial of Venice is seeking volunteers.

Venice will turn 100 on July 4th and a Venice Centennial group is forming to note the anniversary.

Numerous events and programs are in the planning stage, according to Gwendolyn Howard, co-chair of the group’s promotion and communications committee.

Howard said a live concert, a parade, an outdoor film festival, a picnic, citywide historical displays, sporting events and theatrical productions are planned.

A Venice Centennial Steering Committee is co-chaired by Sandy Kievman, senior field deputy to Los Angeles Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski, and David Buchanan, Marina Media Group event producer and marketing strategist.

Those who wish to volunteer in the planning of the Venice Centennial are asked to contact Howard at carogweneth@juno.com or Todd von Hoffman at bdbooks@aol.com