Los Angeles City officials and Venice community members held a ceremony January 14th to celebrate the completion of a project designed to control the water level in the Venice Canals and lower the potential for flooding.

City Councilman Bill Rosendahl was joined by officials such as Board of Public Works Commissioner Paula Daniels, City Engineer Gary Lee Moore and public works inspector John Reamer at the ribbon-cutting event for the Venice Tidegate Replacement Project at Washington Boulevard and Strongs Drive. Venice Neighborhood Council President Mike Newhouse and residents Nadine Parkos and Darryl DuFay also took part in the ceremony.

The project involved the removal of five severely corroded tidegates and electric gate controls at the canals and the replacement of the old cast iron gates with stainless steel gates.

The new system allows the incoming and outgoing tides to rise and fall naturally without disturbing the plant, animal, and marine life living in the Ballona Lagoon, Grand Canal, and the Venice Canals north of Washington Boulevard, officials said.

“I share the excitement of the entire community now that the Venice Tidegate Replacement Project is finally complete,” Rosendahl said. “The community’s dedication, and especially the hard work from my assistant, Mark Grant, ensured that this project came to fruition.

“If there is any lesson we can learn from the devastating effects of natural disasters, like in Haiti, it is that we must always be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.”

Grant received a certificate of appreciation from the neighborhood group Voice of the Canals for his dedication to ensuring the completion of the tidegate project.