Los Angeles City Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski wants a new Community Design Overlay District on Lincoln Boulevard in Venice.

The new overlay district is designed to improve the Lincoln Boulevard appearance by setting design guidelines for new development on the street, the councilwoman said as she introduced a motion in Los Angeles City Council regarding the new overlay district.

Kevin Keller, planning deputy for Miscikowski, said the design overlay district would focus on private businesses on the east and west sides of Lincoln Boulevard.

Topics such as making the area more pedestrian-friendly by widening sidewalks along Lincoln, billboard signage and regulating the types of new businesses would be discussed as part of the design guidelines, said Keller.

Keller says the formation of designing guidelines for Lincoln Boulevard would most likely be a “yearlong process.”

“I introduced this motion because Lincoln is so important to Venice and the city that we can’t afford to ignore its appearance any longer,” said Miscikowski.

“Lincoln Boulevard has needed design standards for years,” she added.

The motion calls for the City of Los Angeles Planning Department to develop the design overlay district following a series of public hearings and community involvement, and implement the overlay district on a priority basis.

The motion also directs the Planning Department to report back to the Los Angeles City Council in 90 days with a prog-ress update.

“We can’t ignore the development around us,” Miscikowski said. “But we can, working together, develop rigorous design standards to ensure that each new development is a positive contribution.”

The development of the design overlay would work in tandem with the Lincoln Corridor Task Force’s upcoming plans to alleviate Lincoln Boulevard traffic troubles, and build on community efforts to create a design vision for Lincoln Boulevard, Miscikowski said.

“With the Task Force’s plans, and thanks to the Venice Community Coalition’s devoted work, this overlay district will create the kind of community-oriented, pedestrian-friendly designs that we all visualize for Lincoln Boulevard,” said Miscikowski.

The Los Angeles City Council is expected to address the Miscikowski motion early next month.

Keller is confident that City Council will approve the motion.