The Venice Neighborhood Council’s Environmental Committee will host a recycling event for used electronics at the Venice Farmers Market Friday, Aug. 2.
A truck from Electronic Recycling Solutions will be onsite at the market from 7 to 11 a.m.
Depending on the needs of the community, the neighborhood council will bring the electronic waste truck to the market on a regular basis.
According to Electronic Recycling Solutions, each person generates an average of 12 pounds of e-waste per year and only 15 percent of that waste is recycled.
Seventy percent of people stockpile unwanted electronics in their garage, according to the company. The rest ends up in landfills, taking up space and leaching toxic chemicals into the groundwater, the company says.
Electronic Recycling Solutions is a collector of e-waste approved by the California Integrated Waste Management Board and disposes of e-waste in a manner that protects the environment.
The Venice Farmers Market lot is at 500 N. Venice Blvd. in Venice.