The Venice High School Alumni Association Committee on Excellence in Education has awarded grants of $500 and $1,000 to 12 Venice High teachers who seek to supplement their instruction, develop new teaching strategies or bring about campus-wide curriculum innovation and support.

The Venice High School Alumni Association has been awarding the grants to teachers for several years through funds raised by the committee from alumni association members, retired Venice High teachers and friends of Venice High.

The teachers selected this year exhibit a high degree of commitment to their students and the desire to provide them with new and exciting learning opportunities, according to the alumni association.

Among those honored:

— Teacher Henry Lazo leads a team seeking to create a new Performing, Technical and Fine Arts Academy on campus with significant involvement of faculty members, students and outside technical assistance.

— Teachers Phyllis Hayashibara and Joy Kraft will lead four field trips to cultural centers throughout Los Angeles incorporating interdisciplinary lessons into their history and filmmaking classes.

— Sangeeta Singh and Jennifer Kim’s students will investigate Lewis Structures and molecular geometry, along with chemical bonding in the use of dyes in their biology and chemistry classes.

— Vida Bahremand will purchase materials for her special education math classes. Nina Hammerstein’s students will study the themes and creative elements in History Boys and Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson at the Center Theater Group.

— Judy Markessen will purchase a set of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens and use them to motivate at-risk teens.

— Cristina Quitegui’s Spanish students will visit the Museum of Latin American Art and attend a hands-on art workshop.

— To Nga Nguyen-Robinson’s students will engage in community outreach and attend performances at the Kirk Douglas Theater.

— Traci Nichols-Thrasher will again take her award-winning drama students to Broadway, where they will participate in seminars and performances with students from all over the country.

The Venice High Alumni Association and its Committee on Excellence in Education say they are proud of the effort of teachers to reach beyond the boundaries and challenge their students.

To make a donation to the Committee on Excellence in Education, Venice High Alumni Association, 13000 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles 90066.