The Venice High School Alumni Association has presented $7,500 in grants to teachers through its Committee on Excellence in Education.

The grants of $500 and $1,000 were recently awarded to individual teachers and teams at a faculty meeting in the cafeteria.

Individual instructors and teams submitted requests to the alumni association for funds to support their instructional goals.

Donations from alumni association members, retired faculty and friends of Venice High School have encouraged innovation, collaboration and collegiality on the campus for more than 10 years, a spokesperson for the association said.

The donation program got its start when Eva Clark, a retired Venice High math teacher, and her husband Gil, a retired UCLA physics professor, began an annual donation for teacher support in the mid-1990s.

As part of the program, teachers submitted grant requests in diverse subject areas.

The funds awarded will support projects and items such as manipulatives and toolboxes for geometry, sheet music, field trips, marine biology specimens, a camera for journalism, kits for the study of photosynthesis, materials for art display cases and a Venice Model Congress team.

In the past, the grants have supported Venice’s award winning drama program, studies of urban anthropology and assistance to the college counseling office.