Kramer, a Goldendoodle, disappeared on Christmas Eve and social media is casting a wide net

By Gary Walker

Niklas Glazer and his service dog Kramer, missing since Christmas Eve

Niklas Glazer and his service dog Kramer, missing since Christmas Eve

Losing a family pet can be a traumatic experience. Losing a service dog can be just as or even more devastating, as those deep and lasting bonds between man and animal are essential to the owner’s health and welfare.

Venice resident Niklas Glaser, who battles high anxiety and panic disorder, lost his emotional support dog Kramer on Christmas Eve and has been frantic ever since. Due to his condition,
Glaser says he now needs Kramer more than ever.

“I really miss him. I’ve been so anxious ever since he was taken,” he said. “He’s very intuitive. He knows when I’m anxious or worried, and he gives me these big hugs and puts his hand on my shoulders to calm me down.”

Glaser, who works in advertising, has cast a wide net in the search for Kramer, with more than 1,800 people now following a Bring Kramer Home community page on Facebook and word also spreading through various websites. He is offering a reward for Kramer’s return.

Glaser says he was away visiting family when he discovered that Kramer, a six-year-old Goldendoodle (a golden retriever and poodle crossbreed), was missing.

“I had entrusted him in the care of someone I knew. She had to drop Kramer off at my apartment, where I had some friends who were staying there while I was away,” recalled Glaser, who works in advertising.

Upon Glaser’s return to his Lake Street apartment, he found that Kramer was gone and both parties— the person who agreed to take care of the dog and the friends who were staying at Glaser’s apartment — claimed that Kramer was inside the apartment when they went home.

“There is a dispute over whether he was let out of the apartment, and if so by whom,” Glaser said.

According to a police report that Glaser filed with the LAPD on Dec. 24, Glaser claims passport and clothing were also stolen along with Kramer.

Glaser said no windows were open when he returned home and the door was locked. The police report states, “Suspect(s) entered victim’s apartment and removed property without authorization of victim.”

The police report does not state whether there were signs of forced entry, and detectives could not be reached for comment on the case.

Glaser claims two people have told him they saw Kramer on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice before Christmas, and another has claimed to have seen a dog that matched Kramer’s description on Dec. 29 in Santa Monica.

Glaser describes Kramer as an “extremely friendly” dog that answers to his name, weighs about 50 pounds, is cream/apricot-colored and is microchipped.

Anyone who has seen or has information about Kramer can call LAPD’s 24-hour tip line at 800-222-TIPS (8477).