For motorists in Venice, the answer to where that next open parking spot is hiding could be at the palm of your hand.
Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl and the city Department of Transportation have announced the launch of a parking system that utilizes smart phone technology to help residents and visitors find available metered spaces in Venice Beach.
The new application can be used to locate parking in popular areas including Washington Boulevard and Pacific Avenue, Windward and Pacific avenues, and near Main Street and Rose Avenue, covering a total of 230 parking spaces, Rosendahl said.
“As chair of the city’s Transportation Committee, I’m thrilled to have worked on this technology that is now available in neighborhoods from downtown, to Hollywood, and right here in Venice Beach,” said Rosendahl. “The app will save you time, relieve congestion, and help you find a parking space faster which will help reduce emissions.”
Zia Yusuf, president and CEO of Streetline, which operates the app, said, “We’re excited to be working alongside such an exciting, vibrant neighborhood and innovative councilmember. The addition of Venice will help make parking in the Los Angeles area easier as residents and visitors move throughout various parts of the city.”
Rosendahl’s chief of staff, Mike Bonin, noted how studies have shown that in congested commercial areas, 30 percent of traffic is caused by people circling and looking for a place to park.
The new app installation is part of a pilot program, and if it is successful, it could also be used in other parts of the district, Bonin said.
The parking system functions through wireless sensors in metered spots that send information from available parking spaces to mobile phones.
“While driving, users can take advantage of the hands-free features such as the ‘follow me’ mode and voice guidance,” said Dan Mitchell, senior transportation engineer with DOT. “Of course, the city reminds users to always watch the road and use in-car devices safely and responsibly.”
The free consumer guidance app Parker by Streetline is available on iTunes. Information,