Venice resident Brian Lazzaro has been selected as one of the five finalists of the “Direct the Next VEGAS.Commercial Contest,” and CineVegas announced Monday, June 4th.

The commercials of each of the finalists demonstrate humor, creativity and a unique perspective on the city of Las Vegas, according to the online sources.

In partnering with the CineVegas Film festival, sought out aspiring creative filmmakers to direct a multi-million-dollar TV spot for

The five finalists will be flown to Las Vegas to attend the CineVegas Film Festival, where they will premier their commercial before a panel of judges, including Dennis Hopper, at the Palms Hotel Thursday, June 14th.

One of the finalists will be named the winner and awarded a $5,000 prize and the opportunity to direct a national TV spot for

Lazzaro’s commercial is titled “The All Nighter.” During the commercial, which is set in California, a man walks down the street carrying a pole and a cocktail.

People on the street gawk and stare. A beautiful woman walks towards the man and he approaches her.

The man plants the pole on the sidewalk and through his body language, he encourages the woman to dance for him.

When she shoots him down, the arrow appears on screen with the tagline “Increase your odds.”

The other four finalists in the contest are from Brooklyn, New York; Ridgewood, New York; Las Vegas and Philadelphia.