A Venice woman called The Argonaut to say she had reported to police that a man attempted to rape her at about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 24th, in the area of Electric and Shell Avenues.

The victim — who wishes to remain anonymous — said that she was walking with her dogs from her employer’s home after collecting a paycheck, when a man riding a red bicycle approached her.

“I was walking with my two dogs, when this guy on a bicycle rides up to me and says, ‘You have a spider on your back’,” the victim alleged.

The woman alleges that after she attempted to swipe the spider from her back, the man said, “It is still there, let me help you.”

The woman alleges that before she knew it, the assailant had her in a chokehold and aggressively reached for her crotch area.

“It happened so fast but I knew that I was being raped,” said the woman. “All I could hear was my heartbeat.”

The woman says that she kicked the man in the groin and hit the man with a bouquet of roses she was carrying, and that rose thorns cut the man on the neck.

The woman said that she began to scream “rape” but no one came out of any residence to investigate.

“Then I shouted ‘fire’, but still no one came out to investigate,” the woman said.

The woman said that her dogs did not come to her defense because the suspect was very kind before attacking her and the whole encounter was quite fast.

The victim described the suspect as 25 to 30 years old, about five-feet-six, Hispanic with a light complexion and black hair, clean shaven and well dressed — wearing a white shirt, black jacket, black pants, and a black hat with a red emblem on the front.

She described the bicycle as looking “brand new,” with thick tires.

The victim says that the suspect fled after she screamed “fire.”

The woman says she called the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) immediately following the incident and she claims that it took officers more than 45 minutes to arrive on the scene.

“They (police) didn’t do much of anything when they got here,” she said.

The Argonaut contacted an LAPD sex crimes detective assigned to the case. The detective acknowledged that the incident was reported. However, the detective was unable to provide further information regarding the case.